PLEASE NOTE: I have many unpublished pieces in my original comic art gallery. The following pieces are ones that I don't personally own and are for display purposes only.
Steve Ditko Back cover to aborted Mr. A #1 (1991)
Blue Beetle #6 Cover (from the Charlton Portfolio)
Shade #9 Cover (from Cancelled Comic Cavalcade)
Showcase #106 (The Creeper) Cover (from CCC)
Joe Kubert Ragman #6 Cover (from Cancelled Comic Cavalcade)
George Perez Mike's Comic Hut promotional art

I apologize for the poor quality of some of the Cancelled Comic Cavalcade art. These pictures come from a third generation Xerox copy. I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide me with a better quality copy of these pictures.

Please e-mail any questions or comments to Ted Latner.

Disclaimer: This artwork is provided purely for the enjoyment of fans. All characters shown are the property of their respective owners. No rights are claimed or implied to any of the artwork or characters.