Please contact me if you have any of the following items to sell or trade:


Original Comic Art:

Dave Cockrum - covers, pinups, splashes, sketches or character designs, any nice pages (especially 70's - early 80's). I'm especially interested in the following:
- Any pages from X-Men #107
- Gulliver Jones pages from Monsters Unleashed #4
- X-Men Spotlight on the Starjammers covers or pages

Al Milgrom
- Marvel Presents (Guardians of the Galaxy) pages or covers

If you're looking to trade, I'm also interested in work by Steve Ditko, Gil Kane, Steve Lightle, Jim Starlin, Al Williamson, Jack Kirby (like everyone else), Klaus Janson, Liam Sharpe Hulk splashes or covers, nice pieces with the Inhumans prior to 1980, art featuring the Shiar Imperial Guard and Starjammers. Im also interested in a lot of other artwork particularly Marvel and DC prior to the early 1990s.

Please e-mail Ted Latner if you have any of these items available.